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Kara Rosenlund Photographer

My Signature Framing Service

Left: My rolled photographic print. It’s always best to only ever unroll your prints at the framers. Right: I’ve chosen my new print from my Print Shop titled ‘Magnificent Magnolia’.

The Perfect Look

Over the years I have found a way of framing which works every time. I’ve brought together all my knowledge as a photographer and stylist to develop this artful framing style for your home.

It’s a timeless gallery style which looks beautiful and elegant in any room.

Come with me to my art framers and I will show you my Signature Framing Service and share why I love this style so much.

Kara x

Left: Choosing the right mat is really important to the overall look and feel of your framed artwork. You need to have experience to know what you are doing when selecting the mat. Right: At the framing studio

Hand Picked for You

My Signature Framing Style is how I like to have my own personal pieces framed for my home.

It is uncompromising on quality to ensure the longevity of my photographic prints on your walls, with an emphasis on using natural materials made in Australia.

Your new prints are expertly framed in my Signature Style and delivered straight to your door with free worldwide shipping.

When your framed prints arrive by courier they are immediately ready to hang in your home.

Left: Only a trained eye can see the subtle colour shifts in white mats. The mat I have selected isn’t too blue or red. It’s the perfect neutral.  Right: The moulding I have chosen is a lovely neutral oak, with a touch of warmth, which compliments all rooms.

Quality & Sustainability

I’ve selected high-quality materials for your frames which are made to last.

– Solid oak moulding, which is a sustainable oak and is finished in natural beeswax.

– A conservation grade and acid-free neutral mat to protect your photographic print.

– A plexiglas UV100 Cast Acrylic. This is a museum-grade acrylic.

– A small wood spacer is installed to leave room between the print and the acrylic.

It’s important for me to make sustainable and natural choices. I’m proud that all of my frames are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved.

Left: The job of a mat is to protect artworks from the elements of life, such as moisture and humidity, which can get trapped within frames. It’s very important that mats are acid free and are of archival quality.  Right: I always bottom weight my mats. It’a a classic nod to tradition which I love.

Made in Australia

It’s also important for me to work with local craftspeople who share my values.

I found art framers Left Bank, who are known for their long family history in the framing industry. They specialise in gallery-quality framed work and are renowned for their level of high-end framing.

We also share the same values for sustainability, waste and caring for the planet.

Left: I completely trust the talented framers handling my prints at Left Bank. Quality framing is an art. Right: The way knowledge and skill can transform artworks and take them to the next level is so inspiring.

Delivered to Your Door with Free Worldwide Shipping

Travel logistics are paramount to get right as my photographic prints are collected all over the world.

To ensure my framing service is available to all my collectors I’ve had custom travel boxes made to safely house my framed photographic prints. The custom boxes are made from bullet proof cardboard, so your framed prints are protected as they make their journey to their new homes.

All framed prints ship complimentary worldwide with my trusted courier partners.

Left: Every detail is considered and hand finished. Right: My studio branding and a Certificate of Authenticity is applied to the back of all my frames.

Left: My Signature Framing Style, such an elegant and timeless way to enjoy your artworks. Right: No detail is overlooked with this style.

In the Details Finished Sizes


Print Size: 28 x 35cm
Framed Size: 44 x 52.8cm


Print Size: 50 x 76cm
Framed Size: 73 x 98cm


Print Size: 81 x 121cm
Framed Size: 103.5 x 144cm

Extra Large

Print Size: 111 x 167cm
Framed Size: 113.8 x 169.8cm

Things to Note:

– The oak moulding I use for my framing is approximately 2cm wide and 3.5cm deep.

– My extra large prints are framed matless for this statement size. I find it is more artful for this size to look as contemporary as possible, for me that means no mat.

– If you would like a different colour moulding or for your print to be framed matless please get in touch and I can arrange this, especially for you.

Left: My custom travel boxes insure all my framed prints can travel across the world and arrive safely at your door.  Right: Cardboard corners are applied to the corners of the frames and a blanket of bubble across the frame.

Left: The framed prints are safely nestled into their travel boxes ahead of their journey. Right: This one is coming home with me.

Left: Delivered right to my door. Right: Unboxing my new framed print. The cardboard is so impressively tough.

Delivered to your Door

This is how your Signature Framing Service arrives at your door, in one of my custom made travel boxes to keep your framed print safe along its journey.

All you need is a Stanley knife and a little bit of muscle to unbox your new framed print and reveal your new exciting acquisition.

Left: Bringing my ‘Magnificent Magnolia’ into our home. Right: Having my framed print ‘ready to hang’ made this process so easy.

At Home

For the last six months I’ve been slowly adding pieces to my new sitting room. Art is the finishing touch and I knew a framed ‘Magnificent Magnolia’  would add warmth, colour and texture to the room.

Here are the details about my latest print:

Title: ‘Magnificent Magnolia’
Limited edition photographic print
Hand-signed and numbered
Available in 5 sizes
Framed or unframed
Pictured here is a medium print (20×30”)
Made in Australia

Left: Such a high quality finish. Right: Hanging this print immediately made this corner at home feel cosy and layered.

Ready to Hang

Your framed prints are delivered straight to your door with hangers on the back and are immediately ready to hang, making it easy and extremely convenient for busy people.

For me it’s a great feeling knowing that I’ve taken the stress out of framing for you, making it as easy as possible. I’m always confident that your framed prints will arrive safely, knowing they have been handled with such care throughout the entire journey to your home.

Above: At home in the sitting room. I couldn’t be happier.

How to Add Framing to Your Print Order

You can add framing to any photographic print in my online shop.

After checkout, your framed prints will arrive safely at your door two weeks later.

1. Select the Print you would like to order

2. Choose your Print Size

3. Choose ‘Oak Framing’ to get my look


If you would like to work with me personally to find the perfect prints for your home please get in touch, I would love to help.

Here is the link to shop my photographic prints.

Kara x


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2 Comments to “My Signature Framing Service”

  1. Would you be kind enough to share the green paint colour behind your beautiful Magnolia print in your living room Kara… it looks fabulous

    • Hi Robyn; It took me over 15 test pots to get this green right. It’s half strength ‘Winter Green’ by Porters Paints. Kara x

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