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Food Connect – ed!

©Kara Rosenlund
Hold on to your seats! Look at what I have found! Its called Food Connect and it is great!
A seasonal fruit and vegetable co-op based in Salisbury (there is also one in Sydney for you Sydney siders), where South East Queensland farmers bring in their stunning produce and it gets distributed into boxes for a fruit and vegetable box scheme!
I know what you are thinking…. Salisbury, thats not near me….. wait…get this….a truck collects all the boxes and delivers them to ‘City Cousins’ in Brisbane City. ‘City Cousins’ are people who put their hands up and act as community collection depots.
Wait, it gets better, you then find someone in your local neighbourhood who is a ‘City Cousin’ on the Food Connect website and pop over to their house and collect your box! Community building too!
Voila. Local, seasonal, low kilometers and high *density fruit and vegetables! (Apparently *fruit and vegetable density is going to become a buzz phrase soon, as it relates to how much actual goodness is in the produce. Watch out supermarkets, word on the street is your stuff isn’t very dense man!)
Above is the Gourmet Box which I collected yesterday from around the road! Can you believe it! There were a few more mushrooms, though I had a nibble.
K x
p.s the box is actually a standard cardboard box, though I wanted to pretty it up for you and place mine in a crate.


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4 Comments to “Food Connect – ed!”

  1. Brilliant! I get mine from Riverford and the quality is amazing. All the organic supermarket stuff is so tasteless, they even manage to screw that up.
    I was wondering about the wooden food box ;-)

  2. Aga, Aga, Aga – we tried them all in London and then found Riverford. Aren't they the BEST! I think Tim has a secret man crush on Guy! We even hired a car and went down to Devon for the weekend once from London – just to eat at the farm kitchen and see the farm!

    Gosh we have so much in common! xx

  3. Oh I love this… we used Freshbox for a while but I am loving the look of this much more…. building community spirit in the process sits very well with me. Thanks for sharing will look into the Sydney option xx

  4. I know – can it get much better! We used Freshbox for a little while too, though it wasn't quite right for us. Would love to know how you go in Sydney with it! xx

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