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The Kitchen Reveal!

©All Images Kara Rosenlund
Here you have it… finally the kitchen is finished…. a few of you have asked me while doing Travelling Wares at the market whether I use and decorate with similar objects to what I sell.
As you can see the answer is a firm yes! I love combining the old with the new. I definitely like to keep cooking tools at arms reach, so if they are going to be out they need to look beautiful too!
So, we are two rooms down so far, if you missed the bathroom here it is.
Watch out floor boards, we are coming with a sander and gusto!
P.S Below are a couple of before shots.


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5 Comments to “The Kitchen Reveal!”

  1. Kara! It is just divine! I love love love those lights above your island..who's that serious gent minding the spoons? he looks like he'll do a great job. What a joy to behold -i'm so booking you to rehaul our kitchen one day! yay!

  2. Prue! Haha! Thank you so very much. I'm in love with the man who is minding the spoons – isn't he great! You both should come over soon! xx

  3. I loooove your kitchen! What countertop are you using in the kitchen besides the Carrara marble on the island? Looks like cesarstone in pure white perhaps? Did you decide not to use the marble throughout for cost reasons or otherwise? Love it!

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