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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Still Life

©Kara Rosenlund
Still Life, two amazing words put together. Even though my life isn’t particularly still, I do try to create some calmness and stillness within our house through the little vignettes I pull together with my favourite found bits.
For me glancing up at a little vignette while I’m dashing about gives me joy and inspiration; even though some days it feels as though everywhere I look is chaos, I have a few little zones of peace.
While I was away shooting with Nikole Furnari I bought this biography on the Australian artist Margaret Olley, ‘Far From A Still Life’. I’m so eager to devour this book, I have always adored Olley’s work and have been fascinated by her life.
Apparently Margaret Olley knew a thing or two about a still life.
K xx


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4 Comments to “Still Life”

  1. I agree! Sometimes, looking at an arrangement of things I love is enough to calm me or inspire me to tackle some of the chaos around me!

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