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New Stock – Produce Baskets

Here is another ‘Sneak Peek’ for you. I tracked down some beautiful old produce baskets. I don’t know about you, though when it comes to ‘decorating’ the kitchen I like my fresh produce to take centre stage and add that pop of colour. These authentic produce woven baskets are ideal to house your fresh produce in, likewise magazines and papers that tend to migrate to the kitchen come the weekends. Ah, the weekend, I can’t wait!

K x

  1. Old Round Produce Baskets $22
  2. Wooden Grain Scoop (perfect for cereal) $15
  3. Duo of Wooden Scoops $10
  4. Large Romanian Pudding Bowl $22
  5. Large English Pudding Bowl $20
  6. Medium English Pudding Bowl $18
  7. Small English Pudding Bowl $15


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