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Stock Preview – Glass

Here is one of a couple ‘Stock Sneak Peeks’ I have coming this afternoon for you. If you are interested in anything you see please let me know; early birds get the worm… what happens to the late birds I hear you say?… well, they miss out.


K xx

  1. Green Glass Spouted Milk Protector (1 available now)   $22 each BOTH SOLD
  2. Tall Old Ocean Blue Glass Vessel $22 SOLD
  3. Teal Glass Pitcher with handle $18 SOLD
  4. Glass Footed Tall Cake Stand, high base. $38 SOLD
  5. XLarge Citrus Juicer with Handle (rare) $38 SOLD
  6. Classic Citrus Juicer, perfect condition, $18 (two available)
  7. Glass Footed Cake Stand $32 SOLD
  8. Glass Cheese Dome $18 SOLD


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2 Comments to “Stock Preview – Glass”

    • Instant calm….. wish that pesky calm would come back again…. instead I now have calm’s alter ego here… Chaos! Ha! xx

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