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Wetland Colour Range

Some days when I am laying the foundations to a new project I find myself looking for inspiration outdoors. I know I’m always harping on about this, though for me there really isn’t any better way. I have been asked to come up with a colour range for an Australian cycle wear label, so I hit the open road on my bicycle, with my basket and snippers to find some inspiration.

Who would of thought there would be so many beautiful hues hiding in the masses of ‘dead’ wetland grasses; – oatmeals, buttermilks, burnt toffees, grapes and dove greys, I could eat you all (except the dove). I’m pretty happy with the infancy colour direction so far, all you have to do is open your eyes, it is out there.

K x


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4 Comments to “Wetland Colour Range”

  1. Thank goodness – we totally need some better cycling gear out there that isn’t lime green and hot pink! Here’s to the revolution!!! ps. I totally want that bread bag -I’m thinking I am going to make one myself. How hard can it be?

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