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Weekend in Pictures

Matt Staff’s workshop.

Ring sizes.

Endless fragrance testing at Mecca.

Mecca’s copper wash sink!

Wedding Fragrances.

At Jamie’s

Timothy O’s new vinyl.

The mountain of mushrooms for the lasanga.

Subway tile cladding for the banquet seating.

Painting yet again.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was a little unexpected! I didn’t think I would do any of the things I ended up doing. Due to the biblical rains on Saturday we didn’t make an appearance at the Farmers Market with Frankie, which is always a bit disappointing. However we really did make the most of a day off, even if we were a bit damp!

Timothy O thought it would be appropriate to get some wedding bits ticked off the checklist – he is good like that. We popped in to see jeweller Matt Staff on James Street, Fortitude Valley to talk wedding bands. We then went looking for our wedding fragrances at Mecca, which we found – super service by the way. (Timothy O chose Mister Marvelous, what a surprise!). We then had a quick coffee at Jamie’s and then raced over to bookstore/music store Title and I bought Timothy O a Mingus vinyl to remember the day by.

Ducked back home before the heavens opened up in the form of hours of heavy rain (very loud on our old tin roof). We made mushroom lasagna (a suggestion from Sally O) using the sand crab lasanga recipe found here (I used four different types of mushrooms, and used thyme incase you want to try it) and listened to Mingus up loud!

Sunday eventually rolled in and Timothy O painted (yet again) and the subway tile cladding on our banquet seating was done by my father! Thanks Dad!

… and now it is Monday!

K x


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8 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. How exciting – wedding bands! Yipee.

    I can relate to the painting…I have an outfit that looks just like that one at the moment (and is a bit wiffy!). Can’t wait to see the finished product – I’m sure it will be fantastic!

    • These things take a looong time Karmin… you may nit think it, though you will be working on your house for years! ha!

  2. wedding rings, super exciting! we got to shop for wedding rings twice in this household…james managed to lose his surfing TWO days into the honeymoon! the second one was much tighter, and is still here to date (thank god!) lovely photos as usual! xx

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