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Market THIS Saturday!!!

Yes – Market THIS Saturday! Jan Power’s Farmers Market, New Farm!

Apologies for being a bit quiet here on the blog….. I promise you will be hearing me chitter chatting soon…. I seem to be juggling all sorts of different things right now…. and I’m not such a good juggler…. New Zealand post soon!

See you Saturday!

K x


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5 Comments to “Market THIS Saturday!!!”

  1. Dear my favourite blog..
    I miss you.. Please write again soon..
    Ps.. Am coming to see you and Frankie this Saturday for my birthday.. That’s my present, some treats from your stall! Ha!

    Kat.. :) x

  2. Divine Divine Divine….looks so perfectly wonderful. Congratulations. The pics make you feel included in a wonderful celebration. Best of luck for your wonderful life together. x

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