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Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning; you may remember Timothy O and I went to a wedding on Friday afternoon which was just wonderful and we had lots of fun… hence why we decided to start Saturday morning off with a healthy fresh carrot  juice…. straws make even the most basic drink feel like such a delight!

Finally after four years and two continents this old extra large English lanterns has new glass and is set to be wired. I remember finding this old girl at a regular market I used to go to each Thursday in London. I snapped her up quick smart, and in the thrill of it all forgot to keep a few quid in my purse for a cab…let’s just say the walk home was long and painful and there may of been swearing… p.s note new paint on the floorboards of the deck – more to come of that soon.

A very kind customer dropped these off for Timothy O to cheer him up while being under the weather. I love them. I have seen them around from time to time, though I’m not sure what they are called. Thank you Lady S.

There is a whole other story about this chair which I’ll try to share later in the week. Long story short I picked it up from the upholsters over the weekend and am so incredibly happy. Each time I look at it it makes me smile.

Timothy O and I then listened to records in the cool of the afternoon after a sweltering day; Serge, Rolling Stones and a bit of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Up early with the fowls and then off to the farmers market…. more sedum. Can’t get enough…

I came home from the farmers market to have a long breakfast with Timothy O. The tea was so aromatic as Timothy O used leaf; isn’t it funny how making a pot of tea with leaf slows everything down. We sat and chatted on the deck for ages which was a lovely way to start the day.

Dashed out to the shops to pick up some bits for dinner and snapped up some branches from the blue gum tree around the corner (it is only now just recovering from our wedding ‘haircut’ I gave it…. eek…. shouldn’t walk the neighbouhood with secateurs, too tempting.)

Then I started shooting and measuring new arrivals for the stock update that will happen tomorrow on the online shop…

Afternoon rolled in and it just got too hot to do any work. I packed up and made this for Timothy O and I to have a little picnic in the backyard.

As I threw down an old sheet to sit on and placed our morsels down I looked away for a second to yell out to Timothy O…. and then this happened…..

K x


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