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Weekend in Pictures


All Images ©Kara Rosenlund

How was your weekend? Mine felt like it was over in a flash! This is probably because it was a market weekend and they always seem to go by so fast.

The above shot is of new pieces being unpacked onto the tables…  I actually do all of our displays at the market in the dark… usually just after 4am …. while dreaming of being back in bed…


Once the sun comes up it is a different story… I absolutely love being at our market and meeting people. Timothy O and I met so many new people at the market on Saturday. Thank you all who came by to say hello and to all the people who travelled such distances to see us…. I hope you love your new found pieces too.



We packed up the market and came back home for a quick pit stop before heading out again…. I managed a few spare minutes to flip through this book by Diane Keaton yes, that Diane Keaton, the actress which I ordered last week…


Come early Saturday evening Timothy O and I met up with some of our friends for a few drinks and a bite to eat out…


… then the early evening rolled in to the later evening….



I was up with the birds at 5am and on the road to travel to meet a few people who wanted to move some things on. I picked up this quiant collection of seashells amongst other bits. I love taking on other peoples collections; collections are so personal, you can tell a lot about someone based on what and how they collect. None of the seashells are expensive or rare, however they meant something to someone and gave them great satisfaction.


I decided to pick up this little cluster of hydrangeas to plant in the front garden; let’s see how I go this time at looking after them…. there should be a book called ‘Starting over yet again with Hydrangea’s’… fickle little things.


Timothy O decided we should fire up the wood fire oven… so out he went to the local fish market….



Lemon and fresh thyme from the garden…


Such a beautiful Red Throat Emperor… the colours are incredible… nature knows best.


Bound for the outdoor oven…


We haven’t used the wood fire oven in a few weeks… I love hearing the fire crackle and sizzle and the smell of smoke wafting about the garden….



While upstairs I decided to make something sweet with the figs I picked up from the market and our girls’ bantam eggs…


I decided to make a Fig Clafoutis… traditionally it is made with cherries, however I thought that maybe figs would work well as an alternative…


… and they did… sweet and juicy and pretty on the eye…


I just love the blushed colour of baked figs… so beautiful. I am going to share the Fig Clafoutis recipe tomorrow.

K xx

** A note on the recipes….I didn’t realise you all like to get amongst it so much with cooking… after reading all your emails and instagram comments I am going to incorporate a cooking/recipe post more often.


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10 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

    • Hi Ness…. hope you had a great weekend… the plates have found a new home I’m afraid….. ok, establishing them is the key… ok… this is the last time I go down this hydrangea path (I have said this many times mind you! ha) xxx

  1. Hi Kara, love your pics and weekend wanderings as usual but supremely impressed with your clafoutis alternative! I have a fig tree at home and right now we are getting so many huge figs and this is a nice alternative to fresh. My hubby has also been BBQing them cu in half and we eat them with our cooked meat all soft and gooey like a chutney. Looking forward to seeing your recipe xx Corrina Tough.

    • Hi Corrina, I just love figs; what a great idea to bbqing them. Yes – give the clafoutis a go, the recipe will be up tonight on the blog. Super easy and super yummy. We have a fig tree here though it is very very small and isn’t bearing fruit. ha. xx

  2. YUM to fresh figs and eggs! Above comments have inspired me to one day have a fig tree (amazing!) and then bbq them! uh yum. xx (oh and have my own beautiful chickens like yours – Kara and Tim. One day I’ll be asking for tips).

  3. What a beautiful weekend you had! Did you clever hubby make that oven? Mine is ogling it over my shoulder right this minute! It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday and I look forward to pottering amongst your lovely wares very soon…perhaps with a torch ;). I had to smile when I saw that piccie of your dinner out as I just did a post on the very same place with a very similar picture. It was such a gorgeous place. Hope your week is a gentle and happy one :) x

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