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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Nothing quite beats a long weekend in spring… three days to catch up on things and enjoy the balmy outdoor weather…. and exactly that was had over the last weekend….. On Saturday night Timothy O’s mother had her 1970’s inspired disco 60th birthday party… Timothy O went as one of the village people with a dash of Freddie Mercury and I frocked up with sequins and hot pink tinsel hair….


… Sunday turned out to be not so balmy, rather extremely hot… we toyed with the idea about going to the beach, however I suspected half of Brisbane was at both ends of the coasts, so we stayed at home and had a little ‘house holiday’ here…. we had lots of cold oranges to stay cool…I know, not quite the beach, though you know.. I like oldschool…


… I even made a batch of elderflower cordial from the elderflower bush in the backyard…. I hadn’t made cordial before, it is so easy… hot water, sugar lots, lemon juice and citric acid and then steep the heads of the elderflower in the mixture for 48 hours lucky it was a long weekend, didn’t realise it would take that long…


… very refreshing on a hot summers day…. between you and me I think spring has moved on…

 … it was really too hot to do much, so we cranked up the wood fire oven i know, even more heat, crazy and made a really special long lunch for just the two of us….. I just love the smell of wood burning and smoke wafting around in the air on weekend afternoon……


… hot smokey chicken, mustard seed potatoes, new season asparagus and lentils…. then the afternoon light disappeared and the evening was upon us….


… Timothy O had to dash off interstate early on Monday, so I spent the day pottering around… I consider ‘moving bits around’ as cleaning…. sort of the same…. brings more joy though than cleaning….. ha. I just came across this silver jug a couple of days ago, I like it’s squat shape….


… I also came across this old 1950’s beach hat while on a buying trip last week….. it is practically falling apart, though I love the feeling old beach hats conjure…. made me wish we had gone to the beach the day before… ha


… my favourite bit is the old raffia top… almost caving in on itself…..


… cleaned out my new KR bag… I had this one made in collaboration by cordwainer Wootten…. I just love it and use it everyday!

…. I bought this little old inexpensive German alarm clock a few weeks back on ebay…. I was tired of going to bed with my phone beside me as my alarm; I would be checking emails and instagraming and all sorts of things as I fell asleep…. I told myself, no technology allowed in the room of rest…. it arrived and I cranked this little number up and boy o boy, does she tick…. loudly…deafening…. it lasted about an hour on the beside…. I was too scared of having dreams about a bomb ticking away in my house, or my life slowly, yet loudly ticking by….literally…. she now lives in the kitchen….  handy really…. except when the alarm goes off sporadically…

That was the long weekend…. a little bit of rest, a bit of rearranging and it looks like more instagramming in bed to come…

K x



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17 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Always so lovely to see what your weekend looked like. We are off to a 1970’s Saturday Night Fever Black tie event this weekend! Got to love the 70’s for dress ups. Leanne x

  2. I am totally in love with that beach hat! I think you and I should do a milliner’s course and make more for us…and everyone we know. We can rid the world at large of freckles!!! (However now that I have said that I feel sad. I love a freckled nose…)

  3. I have a freckled nose….. though I’m pretty sure the sun would still shine through our hats if we made them Sally …. hahaha…. I think mine would have lots of gaps…. not so much a craft queen xxx

  4. Kara! Your lovely new bag looks very much like my very loved "baby" bag where I shove all the junk you think you need for the little ones! So many compliments

    • Ha… Kate, that is too funny… Jaq has just written a comment too about needing a baby bag…. no babies on the mind here.. just large bags to house handy junk xxx

    • Hi Jaq; I got it from Wootten in Melbourne. His name is Jess and he has this amazing workshop where he crafts so many amazing things…. I asked him to make this shape for me and he did. I think it will out last me Jaq, so well made. Google him x

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