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Australia Collection Part Three


Behind the scenes stories from my latest collection of photographic prints – The Australia Collection. Catch up on part 1 & 2.

Bush Lore


© Kara Rosenlund

This was taken on a very old property on the east coast of Tasmania. I was attracted to this room because of the traditional colours – the green paint just felt other worldly with the window light hitting it.

I love a fire, so much so I can’t look at a fireplace without wanting to light it. So I asked the owner and he said ‘Sure’. In Tasmania they sure know how to crank a fire. Within moments the fire was a force… roaring…. such a force.

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Rock Shelf


© Kara Rosenlund

I captured this image when I was on a work boat in the D’Entrecasteaux channel off Bruny Island, drifting on the choppy seas.I was looking back on the tiny private remote island called Satellite Island, trying to get my bearings.

The small boat was just gently bobbing over the waves, hypnotising me with each gentle movement.

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