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Highlights from 2015


What a year it was!

Thank you so much for riding ‘shot gun’ with me through it all. A lot of what I do wouldn’t be possible without your support here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram.

Connecting with you all really means so much as I spend a lot of time travelling on my own. I have been thinking about the year and have gathered a few highlights to share.


January – March 2015

The road trip of a lifetime came to an end as I squirrelled myself away to edit and work on the book. Flying to Sydney many times to sit next to my designer at Lantern, Penguin. Bringing all my photographs, proofs and scraps of dusty paper to the big smoke of Sydney.


Photo credit: Mandi Cook for The Design Files

April – June 2015

After I signed off on the book I was looking for a change. Working from home has its advantages, though I was really craving interaction with others. So when a spot at Vieille Branche’s co working warehouse became available I jumped at it!

Such a creative hub of energy, plus the coffee shop is very handy and a little too convenient.


July – September 2015

Time for another adventure! I spent ten days with my husband Timothy O exploring, flying and 4wd driving throughout the vastness of Namibia. Meeting and photographing some of the worlds most beautiful people and looking in on how they live. Travel is the essence of life.

[KGVID width=”640″ height=”443″]https://blog.kararosenlund.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/preview-final.mp4[/KGVID]


October – December 2015

Shelter became REAL.

What was so personal and intimate was out there for everyone to see. When you’re creating a book – or really any large project, so much of yourself goes in without knowing how it’s going to be received. So to see the response has been incredible!

I held book launch parties in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. The launches were such a great opportunity to meet many of you! Tears, hugs and lots of laughter.

Shelter has now gone into reprint. Unbelievable!



Right now I just want to say thank you!!

I really want to thank you for being there with me along the way. For your support, for coming to my book launches and for buying the book and prints (and new tea towels!!) and for being interested in my creative pursuits.

I’m taking some time between now and the new year to sit still on an island in the indian ocean with Timothy O and start to dream up next year.

Thanks again! I hope you’ll join me for more adventures next year! K x


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