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Travel Diary

Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Happy Easter….. four days of the good stuff…. Are you rested? Topped back up?

… Timothy O and I headed out of town for the holiday stretch and went camping over the border into New South Wales. No reception and no showers for four days…. off. the. grid…. eeek…. the way life used to be…

Rosenlund002 Rosenlund003

… After driving down the dirt track we set up camp on the fringes of this beach in the national park camping grounds, surrounded by banksias, air whipped sand and kangaroos…


…. Our new tent, yes, it’s true, I have one of those fancy ‘tipi cross yurt canvas tents ones’ and you can pay me out all you want, but I love it…. it caused quite the stir among the caravanning and camping folk… everyone wanted to come inside for a tent perve….


… After putting the tent up we just sat, in silence, watching the water as the night air fell… feeling so very lucky to be able to do such things like this…Rosenlund008Rosenlund009

… Washing off after a day of driving… nothing better…


… Up with the birds under the banksia tree… literally….


… The camp kitchen for the four days… no fancy gadgets. I just packed what I could throw in a basket… if I forgot it, then we did without it… which I did … but it added to the charm…

Rosenlund012 Rosenlund013

… There are a few things that taste better when you are camping and a cup of tea first thing in the morning is one of them…

… Timothy O accidentally bought leaf tea and I accidentally packed a strainer instead of a spoon, so between the two of us we were winning on the tea front… Bingo!


… A couple of my favourites getting unusually outdoorsy, Hale Mercantile Co linen and my dear friend Bridget Bodenham’s teacup… I know you are meant to be utilitarian when camping, though I can never resist bringing some of the things I love the most along…


… I came across this 1984 Toyota Landcruiser Troopy for sale driving back from Sydney last week and lost my mind… lets just say I got very excited on the side of the road…. I grabbed the number off the sign, knowing I would be back in a few days for Easter…


… Even though the Troopy had stayed on my mind everyday since seeing it on the highway, I decided this particular one wasn’t right for me…. though I did thoroughly enjoy taking it for a spin and having a Leyland Brothers moment. Driving it has definitely given me a taste for one…

… She needs a bit of work a lot, if you are keen email me and I’ll hook you up with the seller. $4500.


… Headed into town for a little wander about… not much was really happening… there is only one shop here, which doubles as the petrol station, the laundry, the video shop (yes, still videos), the library, the postoffice, the opshop and the bait shop…

Rosenlund018 Rosenlund019 Rosenlund020

… Looking up into the banksia….

Rosenlund021 Rosenlund022

… Dinner… whenever we go camping or caravanning by the sea I always make a fish chowder….

… I started making this thrown together dish when I was holed up in a croft on the west coast of Scotland. There is something about the wild elements and a soup made from what is nearby which feels nurturing and nourishing…

Rosenlund023 Rosenlund024 Rosenlund025 Rosenlund026

… So special being able to observe nature…

Rosenlund027 Rosenlund028 Rosenlund029 Rosenlund030

… And each night was had watching the sun set and the moon rise up over the horizon… it’s all about the little things…

Hope you had a great Easter!

K x



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8 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. I too would love to know what National Park this is. New to NSW and can’t wait to get out and go camping in places like this. Thanks.

  2. Looks and sounds like the perfect way to spend the Easter break. Absolutely beautiful photography Kara x

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing easter break Kara! Love the photos. PS how do you keep the moisture out of that fab canvas tent or is it completely waterproof? x

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