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How to Style My Print Collection

I thought it would be fun to show you how I would style prints from my new collection in a simple living room or nook.

The colours in my Ningaloo Print collection are intense and electric – emerald greens, turquoise blues and the golden tones of the surrounding landscape.

I love the vibrancy and mood of these aerial prints – they are nature’s abstract paintings.

Keeping the rest of the room neutral brings harmony and balance to these statement room pieces.

I wanted to show you how a large print can become the hero of your living room and with a few achievable additions you can completely transform your room.

I like the relaxed mood of a leaning print, so I started with my sofa (an oldie, but a goodie found at a garage sale), and added a simple shelf (two IKEA brackets and a piece of pine from the hardware store I painted white) above it.

As sweet as this little floral sofa is, I’m covering it with a natural coloured linen sheet, but you could also use a drop sheet or a even an oversized table cloth.

I often throw fabric over my sofas and armchairs from time to time. I love how the fabric falls creating a relaxed feel, it’s an instant room lift for very little expense.

I can’t get enough of sisal rugs, I just love the natural texture and colour of a sisal rug. Rugs always anchor a space and add an extra layer which makes the room feel more inviting and considered.

Next, I added a linen throw blanket, an oversized square cushion and a little roundie cushion – all within the same neutral tones – give them a crunch to keep with the relaxed vibe.

Next, I love using this sculptural plinth (found at a secondhand shop) as a small side table and the complimenting curves of this ceramic piece from Nicolette Johnson, a local Brisbane artist.

I’ve used my new print, The Big Blue, in my large size here as the hero piece.

I am asked a lot about my signature framing and how to achieve this when you go to the framers and what to ask for.

I always use a solid oak frame, I find the wood very easy to live with and the neutral tones of the light wood really compliment the colours in my work.

You can either frame your piece with a mat board or without using space bars to float the photograph.

Space bars and mats are used so the photograph isn’t touching the glass or high quality acrylic. This is a must for longevity and archival purposes.

Personally I prefer to use mats, as I like the traditional and artful feel of a gallery finish.

Plus, as a tip, if you have a large space to fill, you can ask for an oversized matt for your photographic work to add more of an impact to the room, increasing the overall size. This treatment would be ideal above a large sofa.

This is the finished look – something really achievable in just a few steps and one large hero photographic print.

A calming room, filled with natural materials, textures and the beauty of the wild, remote Australian coast.

I’ve just launched my new limited edition collection in the shop.

Kara x


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One Comment to “How to Style My Print Collection”

  1. The shelf makes it feel like such a statement piece (rather than defaulting to nail in wall). The end result is beautiful!

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