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Travel Diary

Holiday Reads: Best from 2018

©Kara Rosenlund

If you are anything like me, than this is the time of year where you enjoy a holiday read with a dash of visual escapism.

For something special I thought I would put together a collection of my ‘Best of 2018’ , including my favourite travel assignments, insider tip blog posts and personal shoot inside my home and studio.

Go behind the scenes of my Valerie Taylor portrait shoot, my Kangaroo Island Travel Diary & also find out my most post popular Instagram post from this year was.

 Stories which I will remember 2018 by.


Kara x

Ningaloo Reef Travel Diary

Above: beach side safari camp at Sal Salis

Above left: beach side safari camp at Sal Salis  / Above right: looking out from the safari camp at Sal Salis.

Above left: a Whale Shark, swimming off the coast of the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia / Above right: Live Ningaloo Reef Charter crossing the shallows

Come behind the scenes of my assignment documenting the exotic beauty of Ningaloo Reef.

Whale sharks, a beachside safari camp & breathtaking landscapes.

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Burleigh Heads Top 5

Above left: Burleigh Heads Beach, shot on assignment for Qantas Magazine.

Above left: Burleigh Beach, shot on assignment for DestinAsian Magazine / Above right: the exterior of Rick Shores with table views out to the ocean, both shot on assignment for DestinAsian Magazine.

Above left: an interior from bon Sol’s beachfront apartment, shot on assignment for bon Sol / Above right: the exterior of Rick Shores with table views out to the ocean, both shot on assignment for DestinAsian Magazine.

An Insiders Guide on what to eat, see & do at one of my favourite places in Australia,

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Canada Travel Diary

Above: the incoming vista to wilderness lodge Nimmo Bay from the seaplane.

Above left: looking below, a large boat dwarfed by the archipelago / Above right: the Adirondack chairs around the fire on the floating dock

Above left: the view on dusk out over the Mackenzie Sound / Above right: a guest about to jump into the pristine water of Nimmo Bay.

I photographed rugged landscapes, luxury interiors & rare wildlife on this assignment to the Great Bear Forest and Nimmo Bay for Qantas Magazine.

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Studio Tour

Above: Proofing my work.

Above left: Looking in to my editing room / Above right: The hallway upstairs, which connects my editing room to the design room

I was SO excited to share this with you and invite you in to see what my studio looks like and where all the work happens.

Click here to read more.

Valerie Taylor Portrait Shoot

Above: A montage of Ron and Valerie Taylor’s press clippings, showcasing their adventurous achievements with sharks and more

Above: Valerie Taylor, Shelly Beach, Sydney 2018

Above left: copies of National Geographic with Valerie diving underwater with a shark and also within a coral garden on the Great Barrier Reef, photographed by Ron Taylor / Above right: a coral coloured wetsuit of Valerie’s

A highlight of mine from this year, come behind the scenes as I scout locations, photograph Valerie and find out more about her incredible back story including photographic the covers of several National Geographic covers.

Click here to read more.

Kangaroo Island Travel Diary

Above: Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, over Hanson Bay

Above left: inside my suitcase / Above right: me, at work and in my element, photographed by Rhi Taylor

Above left: the Great Room with the fire / Above right: interior of the Great Room

I was invited to photograph Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, a remote wilderness lodge on the cliff edge of the Southern Ocean. I had been wanting to visit Kangaroo Island for years, especially eyeing off Southern Ocean Lodge. So it’s safe to say I jumped at the opportunity to visit and photograph the lodge.

It’s not a huge island, only just over 4000 people live here. However getting there is super easy, you fly into Adelaide airport and then either catch a connecting flight on a small plane straight to Kangaroo Island’s new airport, or you can catch the vehicle ferry across.

Click here to read more.

Weekend in Pictures, Stradbroke Island

Above: shooting with my Hasselblad at the beach

Above left: Dusty’s interior  / Above right: Unpacking the island necessities from Dusty, the Landy

Above left: Returning to the house and coming up the stairs with gathered banksia from Adder Rock / Above right: an interior corner of the living room, with banksias and vintage finds

Straddie has fast become the place I escape to as often as I can, and it also has fast become the place where I feel the most connected to my work and craft – photography.

Sometimes I’ll escape to the island on the weekends when I’m not travelling away on shoots, other times I may visit through the week if time allows.

So I thought I would share a personal visual diary into what it looks like when I come over to Straddie, so you too can see what I see!

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Currumbin Swimming Club

Above: Elephant Rock at dawn

Above left: Sunrise at Currumbin /  Above right: Billie, in her 90’s, who swims daily at dawn

Here is a feel good one for you. Happiness.

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph and swim with this bunch of dedicated old sea salts last month for Australian Traveller Magazine.

They swim 365 days a year and are all surprisingly in their 80s or 90s (they don’t look it) Many have lost partners over the years and live alone, so the 6am comradery call time at the beach means they are alive and ok.

This was my most popular instagram post of 2018.

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