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Linda McCartney’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

Above: Paul McCartney at home on the farm in Kintyre, surrounded by the landscape, family and their much loved horses.

Just as the seasons start to change and you can feel a slight shift of coolness on the air, my mind always goes to photographer Linda McCartney and her Scotland years of the 1970s.

Following the break up of the biggest band in the world, The Beatles, Linda and husband Paul McCartney escaped to his remote hideaway, a dilapidated farm in Kintrye on the west coast of Scotland to raise their family and to withdraw from the attention of the world.

It’s here they fell in love with rural life and the wildness of the landscape.

Above: Paul McCartney, with children Heather and Mary on the farm in 1970.

I’ve always loved the photographic work of Linda McCartney since discovering her imagery as a photography obsessed 18 year old.

Her work has a naturalness to it and a gentle ease. I especially adore how she documented her family life in Scotland. No one is ever too posed or trying too hard, rather fleeting sentimental moments of life occurring in front of the camera.

Above left: The zest of the lemons for the Lemon Drizzle Cake / Above right: Linda and Paul McCartney, with daughter Heather and their sheepdog Martha.

Above left: On a windy and chilly afternoon, Linda and Paul McCartney on the farm with Martha  / Above right: The Lemon Drizzle Cake of Linda’s I baked, cooling, before I pour the sugar syrup onto it.

Linda’s personal family photographs depicting everyone wearing layers of cable knit jumpers, rolled turtlenecks and gum boots always gets me excited for autumn each year. I just want to cocoon myself into her photographs and escape into their rugged lifestyle.

I found a recipe of Linda’s which she would make at home in Kintyre and I think it’s perfect for this time of year as we head into autumn.

Above left: The lemon tree around the corner from our home on the island  / Above right: Edie, touching a lemon on a branch for the first time.

Above: Afternoon tea on the table at home while it rains outside, with a pot of tea kept warm with my favourite knitted cosy and my handmade mug.

It’s Linda’s Lemon Drizzle Cake, and it’s a really simple one to make over the weekend, or anytime really.

The cake has a sharp zingy flavour, from both the zest and juice of three plump lemons and is made in a loaf tin.

Above left: Slices of the zesty cake, still a touch warm  / Above right: Hot tea in my favourite mug.

Above: Pages from Linda McCartney’s book ‘Life in Photographs’. This page shows a tender moment between bandmates and rocky friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The cake has a sugar syrup, rather than icing. You pour the syrup over the top of the sponge and the cake absorbs the sweetness, which makes for an extra moist and nurturing treat.

Even the act of pouring the syrup over the cake feels really calming and comforting.

Above left: The page opened to a portrait of Linda with her camera  / Above right: Home life, Paul in his dressing gown, daughter Stella in the grass and youngest James jumping from the Land Rover, at home on the farm.

Above left: Nothing beats a homemade cake on an autumn day / Above right: The Lemon Drizzle recipe card.

You can taste the sweetness of their rural life in this cake.

Best enjoyed with a pot of tea in a mug and served on a handmade plate, with the McCartney’s love letter to their Scottish home – ‘Mull of Kintyre’, played up loud in the background.

Oh, those bagpipes! – I get goosebumps every time.

All of the handmade ceramic pieces, cutlery and the sweet knitted tea cosy are available now in my shop.

‘Mull of Kintyre

Oh mist rolling in from the sea,

My desire is always to be here

Oh Mull of Kintyre’

Kara x


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