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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Macaron Flop!

©Kara Rosenlund
So, we all know that macarons are the new cupcake. People take them very seriously… like some sort of colourful culinary bling.
We also all know they are tricky to make and even something as slight as the humidity on any given day can deflate a batch of these pretty little things. Saying all of this I bring you Donna Hay’s Almond Macaron with Chocolate filling Packet Mix.
That’s right. My girlfriend Sally bought me this **packet mix** last week ( I know what you are thinking, but c’mon, if Donna thinks its ok, than its ok.. right?)… so I tried it out.
I think the low rate of success had more to do with me rather than Donna’s mix. Donna’s mix was brilliant, my results were poor. I don’t think we make a good team. Im going to give it another crack next week!
K x


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4 Comments to “Macaron Flop!”

  1. Oh no! What happened? Maybe we should give these a go together…cause I'm thinking they may not look so nice but I'll bet they taste awesome!!!

  2. You and me both.

    I love baking – but man oh man are these little buggers hard to make. I mean honestly, they are so moody. Kinda think they have a personality disorder or something. Haven’t tried Donna’s mix – but am yet to find a recipe which works brilliantly every single time. Meanwhile, there’s always the trusty bakery down the road….

  3. Hi Glamour Drops!
    You know, if you do try Donna’s mix you should use a piping bag – the instructions say spoon, though my girlfriend Sally made these the other day with a piping bag and they worked out a treat! xxx

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