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O’ Christmas Tree

O’ Christmas Tree…. this is our Christmas tree Timothy O and I made out of branches in the back yard last year. I do love it so very much… plus it packs away to near nothing, just a neat pile of wood! I don’t know about you, though I am absolutely hanging out for Christmas this year. I think Christmas day would have to be one of my most favourite calendar days of the year! I’m putting some finishing touches on our lunch menu too which I will share soon… what are you having?

K x



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8 Comments to “O’ Christmas Tree”

    • No I’m not Sarah… I’m just very particular, which means I usually end of up building/making a lot of things myself :) Makes for zero free time! K xx

  1. Kara, gorgeous tree .. and no messy pine needles on the floor to stand on !. Do you mind me asking how you made it? I would love to make one like that.

    • Hi Suzanne!
      It is just a matter of finding a metal rod to the height you want your tree and then making a base to secure the rod (we made ours out of wood). Then you lay all your branch pieces out flat on the floor and shape them with a drop saw into a ‘tree’ type shape (triangle). After you have your branches shaped you then drill holes in the centre of all the branches with a spade bit attachment to create a large hole that will fit over the rod you have chosen.. then start stacking your branches in order to create the tree. Ta-DAH. Christmas Tree!

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