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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Blackboard Paint

A quick post this morning; I’m working on a fantastic project this week. I’m transforming a little boy’s bedroom into a room of wonder and play! Today is the most exciting part; painting two large walls a deep shade of blue… I’m calling it Midnight Seas… in blackboard paint! I have had to custom blend the colour myself to get it the perfect shade.

Can’t wait!

K x


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5 Comments to “Blackboard Paint”

  1. He is so lucky! Just like Harold and the Magic Crayon – do you know that book? He will be able to draw his own adventure. Cannot wait to see your magic, Kara – I love me a before and after!!!!

    • Me too. I LOVE a before and after… you can think of me all day applying litres of ‘Midnight Sea’ to the wall…..no, I am not familiar with that book, though I think i get the idea. He can create any wonderland he chooses, all he needs to do it draw it… is that right? I love that so much. x

  2. Hi Kara, we are looking for a decent supply of Blackboard paint for all our City Cousins and for incorporation into a new stall design.
    Where did you get your paint from in brisbane
    Cheers Robert
    CiEiO, Food Connect

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