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Weekend In Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Oh, Valentine’s Day, you are a funny day aren’t you… I’m not one for Valentine’s Day, though I do love love! … though life goes on with or without the fanfare, which meant doing the normal mundane things like laundry and washing the sheets… even if they are Valentine’s Day pink….


… I’ve been getting into this book lately, the biography of American artist Georgia O’Keefe, by Roxana Robinson, it’s a good read. I’m heading away this week on location and one of my favourite things to do when I’m in amongst airport queues and the like is to get lost in someone else’ story, so Georgia is coming along in my bag this week…


… even if I’m not one for Valentine’s Day I couldn’t resist making a cake this weekend, actually it’s called a ‘Persian Love Cake’, here is the the recipe.  I know – can you get anymore ‘love love’ than a cake called ‘Persian Love Cake’.

The reason why I chose this cake was because I was looking for a recipe to ‘road test’ my new wooden spoon prototype for my new range ….

I needed a recipe which required a lot of beating and stirring so I could really understand that moment when a tool feels great under hand, yet also is going the distance in terms of performance. I know, I know, I sound like a car commercial. Good news is I gave that spoon a beating and I think we are almost there with the design – so exciting!



… I also made the Love Cake as my folks invited Timothy O and I over for a late Sunday lunch, and I always like to bring something… including my favourite Rose, Hannah Rose from Logan Wines. And yes, it’s true, I had a sneaky cheeky glass as the cake was baking… it was after 12pm mind you and a Sunday…. just.


…  Pretty pink rose petals splashed all over the cake…. the kitchen smelt like an 80s version of a potpourri infused bowl…



… Not bad at all… Persian Love Cake…it actually looks far more impressive than the actual effort which went into making it, love recipes like that – high fives!


… Then I tied her up in a bundle and made her into a traveller to visit the folks …..



… and then that was it… weekend over… just the drive back home in my old car Margot….  everyday feels like Valentine’s Day when driving her….

K x


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8 Comments to “Weekend In Pictures”

  1. Love, love it, also Georgia O’Keefe is a favourite. I have a beautiful book that I bought years ago with money my mother gave me for a taxi…lol…I caught the bus and bought the book. Her paintings are sensational.
    So pleased weekend in pictures is back xoxo

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