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My Holiday Peach Cocktail Recipe and Styling Trick

We are on the home stretch now to the holiday season. I can almost feel the holiday breeze on my skin and calmer days coming.

Now is the time to get your things sorted for Christmas and arrange any last minute gifts. Plus, lets be honest, anything special you personally would like during this festive time, as a little treat to yourself – what a year!

Once I’ve put up the tree I like to freshen up the house and set the atmosphere just right to ease into holiday mode and enjoy the season.

Above left: A glimpse on to the deck where I’m planning on relaxing this holiday season / Above right: Making peach holiday cocktails in my new carafe.

I always choose a special drink to make for the holidays and this year is no different (well, a little different so I’ll be skipping the alcohol). I wanted something fresh and summery and have made a pretty coloured drink with peaches, garnished with fresh thyme sprigs.

I don’t know about you, but the worst part about making cocktails is getting up and down all the time to make them. I never make them individually, I always use a jug or carafe.

If you do a ‘jug style cocktail’ you can nestle in, pour yourself a top-up and just relax.

I use my new glass carafe for this and it holds a generous amount, plus you can see the pretty peachy pink colour through the clear glass.

Above left: Setting the tone by wearing a few accessories, like my bangles, which make the evenings (and myself) feel that extra bit special / Above right: It’s allll about the jug cocktail, and topping up fuss free.

Another little trick I like to do to make time at home feel special is to change into something different in the evenings.

It can be adding accessories, (I can never get enough of these bangles), or placing fragrance on my pulse points after a shower or wearing a new piece of timeless clothing. I’ve been wearing this linen skirt a lot lately, which always adds to the holiday atmosphere at home.

Just simple additions to make the nights feel that little bit special leading up to Christmas and into that quiet time between New Years Day.

Above left: Love seeing that peachy pink colour of the cocktail in the carafe / Above right: The holiday cocktail recipe card.

Here is my holiday cocktail recipe card, to help you set that tone at home and get yourself in the mood.

Speaking of drinks, now is also the time for ‘last drinks’ for Christmas orders from my shop. If you have had your eye on something, now is time to shop and make it happen. I also have gift certificates available if you are unsure on a gift for a loved one.

Bring on those holidays …

Kara x

PS: I have made a few atmospheric music playlists over the years which set the mood, they are all available here on Spotify to listen to for free. Enjoy!


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