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Create a Simple Arrangement With Local Flowers and Foliage

If there is one thing which can transform your home in seconds, it’s bringing flowers and foliage inside your home.

Living with a simple bunch of flowers or branches which you have collected from your local area brings such a sense of life and happiness into your rooms.

I have vases in the kitchen, on my bedside table, in the bathroom and on my coffee table. If for some reason I skip this ritual, I can really feel the ’emptiness’ of the room without that ‘life’ in the space.

Above left: Bringing together local foliage found in my area using my new bubble hurricane vase  / Above right: Sorting through the different varieties of leaves and forms. I like to do this outside, as it can be messy.

I keep a pair of secateurs in my glove box when driving or in my pocket if I’m heading out on a walk.

If something takes my eye (and doesn’t belong to someone else, aka in their garden) I will simply take a snipping and place it in my basket. Nothing too outrageously large or greedy, but just something which will add some dimension.

I look for a combination of leaves and flowers with interesting forms. Even branches or dried sticks and fronds can add so much interest to a space.


Above left: I love using my this vase to hold these simple arrangements / Above right: An armful of abundant local beauty.

I’m using the new bubble glass hurricane vase which I’ve just added to my shop, and is part of my new lifestyle collection.

I had been searching for a long time for a nice heavy vase of versatile proportions to hold my flowers. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to have some handmade for my home and also for the shop.

It’s absolutely wonderful, made of thick mouth blown glass and heavier than other vases. The size is ideal for all sorts of everyday spots around the home.

Above: Adding ‘life’ to areas around the house adds such dimension and is uplifting to the atmosphere of your home.

Collecting nature from your local area encourages you to get out and explore, appreciating what’s around you. I know some people prefer to go to the florist, which is always inspiring, but there is something really special about finding something yourself.

I bring all my stems home and give them a good trim.

I start building the arrangement in my hands by starting with the foliage which have ‘floppier’ stems and then add the ‘woodier’ stems on top. But really, just have fun with it.

And remember to change the water every second day to prolong their beauty!

If you would like some more home inspiration check out my ‘3 Ways to Style Your Living Room’ post I have just published.

Kara x


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