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Weekend in Pictures

My Mum’s Birthday

My Mum is turning 60 today. Happy Birthday Mum! It’s funny to think of yourself as your actual age… I’m sure Mum doesn’t feel anywhere near 60, probably still in her 20’s, sun baking on her front steps in bikini’s listening to Elvis on the wireless, with the fragrance of coconut tanning lotion in the air.

We are having a low key dinner at our house tonight with all of her favourite dishes, including our family tradition of  Sand Crab Lasagne (and Mum’s absolute favourite).

Happy Birthday Mum!

Love Kara

K xx


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8 Comments to “My Mum’s Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Rosenlund! I hope you have a lovely day and that your darling daughter will, as well as make the Sandcrab Lasagne, bake you a wondrous cake. And you are only ever as old as you fell – no matter what your driver’s license says. xx

    • ,,,, I’m cheating Sally… I have ordered a cake from this new place called Flour and Chocolate… the chef knows his stuff… he is ex Jocelyn’s (original Jocelyn’s that is) and also ex Brewbakers. Looking forward to checking out his classic chocolate cake! K xxx

  2. sings ” and here’s to you Mrs Rosenlund, Kara loves you more than you could know, whoa whoa whoa” to the tune of Mrs Robinson of course. What a lovely feast she will have xx and also loving the pedigree of Flour and Chocolate guy… will have to go and get me a slab of delicious..yum


    • Thanks Prue… Yes.. I have just picked up this lovely chocolate cake, I’m hoping it will be a winner. I will let you know! K xxx

  3. Happy birthday Mrs R! She must be sunbaking somewhere as she isn’t answering her phone…..that photo always reminds me of the racecourse road split house, as if your mum really lived there but didn’t ever want to tell us.

    • Haha… I know Timothy O, she probably is… it looks just like our old house on Racecourse Road with the sorbet blue stucco exterior!…..

  4. I hope you have a lovely family time. The weather is perfect for a summer’s evening on your deck. Happy Birthday to your Mum. Enjoy the cake. S xx

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